Cafe Chez Vous

Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love!

Founded in 2010, Bacano opened in Brisbane with a conviction to bring a new level of reliable, quality coffee into the CBD. Our goal was simple: make delicious espresso beverages and people from all around will come by for a tasty cup. The idea worked very well and we soon had two stores within 18months, one at Rowes Arcade, the other on Charlotte St. The more coffees we made, the more our passion grew and we became consumed with our product. Our goal grew not to be just experts at infusing espresso and making the tastiest flat whites but in addition to choose the appropriate, quality coffee beans and develop a roast that specifically met our expectations. Our coffee had to be reliable to perform at any time and repeatable from season to season. We developed our La Casa blend which is what we have been serving for many years now and this steadfast approach has allowed us to grow from a single espresso bar to a wholesale coffee distribution business.  As our business has grown, we have had the opportunity to experience many varied challenges both in creating delicious coffee and competing in a commercial environment. Each of these challenges has made us knowledgeable in many different aspects of the industry from creating coffee that satisfies the discerning Australian coffee drinker through to how to provide such an experience successfully in a commercial environment.
We acknowledge coffee is a lot like music. They both require creativity, passion and a dedication to excellence. We understand how people perceive taste and act appropriately when producing our creations. Our ideology is straight forward, create delicious coffee. 
We want people to use quality, we want people to drink quality, use Bacano to trust this has been provided to you.
Premium Blend
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Visit us
Address: 300 Ann st.
Brisbane, QLD   4000 Australia
Telephone: 0405 522 443
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !